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If the bad practices characterize your marriage, I have ten tips at the end that can help you have a wonderful marriage. I know James talked about being quick to listen and slow to speak, but if you want to win, you must have the last word James One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to not listen to your spouse.

What you do while she is talking is formulate what you want to say next. Corrupting speech, like criticism and sarcasm, are effective here. Sarcasm literally means to cut the flesh. No doubt this will put her in her place as you get a leg up on the marriage competition. This tip is for the more advanced pugilist. One of the keys here is to harden your conscience Hebrews Perchance the Spirit of God tries to illuminate you, then you can go into rationalization or excuse mode. This will effectively mute your inner voice Romans A little self-deception goes a long way. You can also guilt-trip her by making a few well-placed criticisms about how she keeps the home.

Most women want to please their husbands so if you keep the carrot dangled in front of her, she will always be trying hard to please you. Admitting your mistakes is weakness.

Though John wants you to confess your sins 1 John , the strong man never has sins to confess. This will require more self-deception on your part, but if you have any game at all, you can pull this off Hebrews Justification is your best friend. To justify is to declare yourself not guilty.

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If you continually declare yourself not guilty, your wife will soon get the message and give up trying to convince you of anything. You will win, and she will be sufficiently beaten down.

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  • Okay, ladies. Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling on your side. With a little practice, you could be a primary source of discouragement to your husband. BTW, the previous five tips can work with either gender. Paul talked about how kindness is the ingredient the Lord uses to motivate a person to change Romans To be kind is to build up. If you withhold encouragement, he will become demoralized. Your once strong and confident guy will fold like cheap laundry.

    These are so cringe-worthy it HURTS

    The last tip was about withholding something. This tip is about giving him something.

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    Become the dripping faucet Solomon talked about in Proverbs Your critical words will be like little sharp daggers in his heart. Eventually, he will die by a thousand paper cuts. To withhold encouragement while being critical of him is the perfect one-two punch that will end in a knockout every time. You will quickly have him waving the white flag, if not seeking encouragement from someone else.

    The key for this tip is to put him on eggshells. This is a counter-intuitive move: The way to win is to be weak. Keep him guessing. This is your rope-a-dope move.

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    At that point, you will own him. Over-scheduling your life will kill any marriage. Your goal is to always be on the go. Be busy during the day and tired at night. This will motivate him to find other things to do. Mark Castiglione, the groom, was struck in the head with a gun and investigators are working to see if he may have been the intended target. Officers responded around a.

    DeMarcus Cousins Audio Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Baby Mama Before Wedding

    Saturday and found Holloway subdued by multiple guests of the wedding, police said. A handgun was recovered at the scene. Investigators have not revealed a direct motive in the case, but they are exploring Holloway's ties to the year-old Castiglione, who is the father of the man accused of fatally shooting Holloway's stepfather, Luis Garcia, according to the attorney general's office.

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    Garcia, a parishioner at New England Pentecostal Ministries, was killed earlier this month and police charged Brandon Castiglione, the groom's son, with second-degree murder in the case. Garcia's funeral was scheduled to take place at the church immediately following the wedding. As of Sunday evening, Holloway was being held pending his arraignment, which is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday. He was originally charged with first-degree assault, but prosecutors levied four additional charges against him on Sunday.

    Ten Ways to Kill Your Marriage

    Holloway was also charged Sunday with attempted murder, for shooting Choate; being a felon in possession of a firearm; second-degree assault, for the shooting of McMullen; and simple assault for striking Castiglione in the head, the office said. Agati said the decision to seek additional charges came as prosecutors gained "a better understanding of the events that happened inside. Holloway, but also the intent behind those actions. Choate with the purpose that a murder be committed.

    All rights reserved. Pelham Police Department. Wedding shooter may have been avenging late stepfather's murder, authorities say. Ukrainian officials give conflicting accounts of when they learned US aid was frozen. New documents show contacts between Giuliani and Pompeo.