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Life Matters: Creating a dynamic balance of work, family, time. Report this Document. Download Now. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 7 to 14 are not shown in this preview. Buy the Full Version. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 18 to 21 are not shown in this preview. From kayaks to slippers, fly rods to sweaters, everything sold at L. Return anything purchased from us at any time if it proves otherwise. We do not want you to have anything from L. Bean that is not completely satisfactory.

With nothing to worry about, L. Bean has totally eliminated any purchase reluctance. If you want the strongest possible credibility which will increase your sales in a dramatic fashion, the best thing you can do is offer some type of money-back or performance guarantee.

Brainstorm with your team on what type of guarantee you can offer, put it in print, and advertise it everywhere to start gobbling up market share like there was no tomorrow. The next most powerful means to establish credibility for advertising claims is any type of personal demonstration for how the product or service works a sample, demonstration or some type of personal sensory experience. Only by showing the juicer in action can people gain an appreciation for its capabilities. Plain and simple, testimonials sell! Use them on your websites, in your sales literature, everywhere.

Get as many as possible and load up your website or sales literature with as many possible testimonials as possible. Strategically place them at certain places in your copy, and work them into your text. Even when you are holding a sale, customers have a tendency to shy away from biting unless you give them a reason why you are now discounting your materials and holding a sale. As a test, she conspired with a university librarian to shut down all the library photocopy machines except for one, and then asked volunteers to try to cut in line to use that remaining photocopy machine.

Whenever the person wanted to cut in line they had to phrase their request in one of three different ways. Adding a simple reason why had increased the positive response! The psychological principle they discovered is that a request plus a reason always results in a greater response. Establishing credibility for your USP or business is, in general, a challenge every marketer faces, but credibility is your most prized resource.

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Never destroy it, but always try to keep your customers satisfied. Examine every aspect of your business, your marketing, your offer, your persona. Hopefully you now have enough new ideas for how you can generate credibility in a very effective manner not only in your USP, but inside your advertising copy and in the running of your business.

Establish a plan to create trustworthiness in your business and I guarantee it will win you more customers. Then your sales will increase. When people imagine something, the brain cannot differentiate between a re al experience or an imaginary experience. Buy, buy, buy is the purpose of your USP … or should we say sell, sell, sell.

A USP has to be persuasive. Making a USP more attractive is about the only way to make it compelling whereas in copywriting there are all sorts of methods to create a sense of urgency that motivates people to buy. Procrastination kills desire, so copywriters create scarcity with limited orders or order deadlines to compel people to take action NOW. What you should focus on in your USP is making sure it offers an important, compelling reason for people to buy from you rather than anyone else. To do that, you must seed the thought that you are not out there to sell to the customer, but are dedicated to solving their problems.

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All your advertising has to be geared to making the prospect want to buy from you. Fine writing? Do you want masterpieces? Or do you want to see the goddamned sales curve stop moving down and start moving up? Oh, I love the ring of that sentence! And that phrase you put in there moved me! These guys were very pragmatic. They wanted USPs that touched hot spots and got customers to buy. They just wanted USPs and advertising copy that worked. Beautiful grammar or aesthetics have nothing to do with a compelling, sales generating USP.

You simply want it to suck in sales like a vacuum cleaner. The better it does that, the prettier it is. Tap into the emotions of satisfying a customer desire or relieving a customer pain and you have a pretty compelling, motivating USP. Pain is usually superior to pleasure as a form of motivation because our need to survive and feel safe rule over all other needs. There are all sorts of powerful emotions or psychological influencers and triggers you can play with for your USP, and whether you tap into fear, pleasure, pain or greed, tapping into satisfying emotions is one powerful way to create a motivating message.

Your USP unique selling proposition should penetrate into your business design and business model so that all facets of your business present a picture of image coherence with your USP.